Our experience and qualifications include:

  • Project management expertise with applied performance methodology in schedules, budget, resource management, communications, reporting and quality management.
  • Uniquely experienced in streamlining projects for fast-paced, high quality integrated projects, ensuring attainment of project requirements, task time frames, required human resources, and project quality safety.
  • Experience with all types of Federal contract vehicles and pricing methodologies.
  • Multi-disciplined and certified team and broad range of personnel with boots on the ground experience resulting in the ability to self-perform a range of services
  • Certified personnel include:
    • Professional Geologists
    • Engineers
    • Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM)
    • HAZPOWER certified Environmental Technicians
    • Equipment Operators
    • Project Managers

To be a valued partner, provider and employer, we hold these values as core to our business operations:

  • Ethical and moral business behavior
  • Customer satisfaction and value creation
  • Performance of high quality work
  • Attainment of budget and performance goals
  • Technical competence and commitment to excellence
  • Operations and management competence
  • Respect for individuals and value of teamwork