Barksdale Airforce Base, one of ARS Aleut Construction’s project sites.

Construction Services

Design-Build Renovation/Addition of Offices and Laboratory

The Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration has awarded a Design-Build renovation project to ARS Aleut Construction. Valued at $3.5M, this project will relocate 69 off site employees to three existing buildings at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beaver, WV. The project will include interior renovations with finish upgrades, installation of fire protection and new power and data connections to include fiber trenching for approximately 10,000 usable square feet (USF), the buildout of an equipment storage clean-up lab space with an adjacent locker room in approximately 2,600 USF, and the conversion of an open ceiling garage warehouse into a gas chromatography laboratory for instrument calibration. The project will be completed in the Spring of 2020.

MOTCO – Access Control Point #5

ARS Aleut Construction was awarded an $8.9M sole source contract to construct a new Access Control Point (Gate 5) at Military Ocean Terminal, Concord, CA (MOTCO). This project will be phased to accommodate regular base operations, and will include the construction of a gate house, guard booths, ID check canopy, passive and active vehicle barrier systems, traffic signage and signals, back-up generator and supporting facilities including sanitary sewer, electrical, storm drainage and information systems.  MOTCO is designated as the Department of Defense (DoD) primary trans-shipment port for West Coast ammunition movements. The sensitive nature of the cargo deployed and redeployed through this installation makes security a high priority.

Design-Build Pool/Pool House Repairs

ARS Aleut Construction has been awarded a $1.9M Design-Build contract by the Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration to repair to the National Mine Health and Safety Academy’s existing pool and pool facility. AAC will clean and paint the 85×40 ft pool, ensure ADA compliance, and replace an existing roof and walkway structure. Pool repairs will include plumbing and piping repairs, re-plastering of the entire pool surface, installing a backflow preventer, and a liquid chlorination system.  The facility improvements include the replacement of the translucent, insulated structural roof and walkway panel systems, the installation of motorized roof systems, panic doors, sliding glass and fixed glass panels, as well as exhaust fans. The project will be completed in the Spring of 2020.

NAVFAC Washington awards AAC $4.2M Contract

ARS Aleut Construction was recently awarded a contract by NAVFAC Washington to provide the engineering, design and construction of two new facilities to enhance mission capabilities at Naval Support Facility Indian Head. The $4.2M project replaces task critical equipment and infrastructure with increased capacity equipment that is more energy efficient. The project scope will include fiber optics, SCADA, energy generation equipment, new 14kV transformers, and the connection of those systems to mission and task critical processes. All work will be completed without interruption to operations at the Navy installation.

AAC Selected for NASA Minor Construction Contract

AAC has received a notice of selection for the George C. Marshall Space flight Center Minor Construction Contract-IV Acquisition. This IDIQ contract will provide all management, supervision, labor, transportation, facilities, materials, tools, disposal, coordination of subcontractors, documentation, and equipment necessary for the performance of minor construction projects. All work is to performed at the Marshall Space Flight Center, and managed out of AAC’s local office in Huntsville, Alabama.

Bureau of Indian Affairs National MACC: Design-Build Two Fire Stations

AAC was recently awarded a Task Order Contract from the Bureau of Indian Affairs National MACC to design and build two fire stations, one in Busby, MT and one in Cedar Creek, AZ. The project consists of furnishing Design-Build Services for all site, civil, utilities, plant, labor, material, services and equipment for the construction of two Fire Stations. Each structure will contain two Fire Engine bays, an office area, a classroom/training room and ADA/ABA Accessibility Guide compliant men’s and women’s restrooms. The Main Garage shall have an apparatus area to be used for turnout gear including fire clothing, self-contained breathing apparatus, firefighting tools and equipment. A mezzanine area will house the building mechanical equipment such as heater and water heater. A paved parking lot including handicap spaces with access to a hard-surfaced road will be provided.

GSA Design-Build contract for Balcony, Skylight, Stone and Flashing Repairs
at the Department of Justice Robert F. Kennedy Building, Washington, D.C.

The General Services Administration recently awarded a $7.5M design-build contract to ARS Aleut Construction to design and construct the Balcony, Wall Stone Flashing and Skylight Roofing Repairs at the Department of Justice (DOJ) Headquarters (Robert F. Kennedy Building) in Washington, DC. This project is to fully repair water infiltration at exterior balconies located on various floors surrounding the outside and interior courtyard of the building. The exterior balconies topped with slate, stone and concrete pavers are no longer keeping the interior offices dry from moisture. The DOJ has experienced water infiltration into the building at just about all balcony locations. These leaks have been causing major damage to the historical ceiling and walls of offices and conference room areas throughout the building. Major work items will include survey, design and replacement of floor roofing over skylights, floor removal and reinstalling wall stones and replacing flashing, balcony roofing, deteriorating mortar and sealants. Multiple roof drains will be replaced or refurbished. The DOJ Headquarters is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

USACE Sacramento Awards AAC a $13.6M Contract
for the Rehabilitation of Four Warehouses at Sierra Army Depot.

AAC will renovate four warehouses totaling over 250,000 square feet of space. This general construction project will include the following tasks: replace building siding, install exterior guard rails, repair exterior concrete docks and ramps, remove fluorescent lights, install LED lights, replace sliding cargo doors, repair gypsum boards, and replace gutters and windows. The contract will also include electrical and lighting upgrades, structural repairs and the installation of an epoxy flooring system. AAC will work concurrently at the four buildings which will remain open during the 720-day period of performance. This will be accomplished by closing off one-half of each building to do repairs while the other half remains in use. The phasing for this contract will require close coordination with contracting, and a highly organized management team.

Bureau of Indian Affairs MACC

AAC has recently been awarded a spot on the Department of Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs $500M National Multiple Award Construction Contract. This five-year MACC consists of construction and modular/offsite design-build projects at various locations across the Continental United States and Indian Country. The scope of work will include new construction, modular construction, offsite design-build construction, building demolition and renovation, built-in equipment repair/replacement, piping repair/replacement, pipe lagging, electrical work, mechanical work, fencing, roofing, painting, site work, removal and disposal of lead based paint and asbestos containing material, welding and masonry, installation of renewable energy source technologies; optimizing operations of existing equipment; advanced utility meters; and network integration of building automation and control equipment.

AAC wins $14.1M Award from Department of Interior, National Park Service

AAC has recently been awarded a $14.1M contract by the National Park Service for the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system servicing the El Portal community at the western entrance to Yosemite National Park. The construction project is comprised of the rehabilitation and replacement of sewer pipeline using pipe bursting, cured in place pipe lining, horizontal directional drilling, and open cut trenching. AAC’s team will also rehabilitate, replace, and repair sewer manholes and upgrade the entrance to the waste water treatment plant. AAC will serve as Prime Contractor on this competitively awarded, firm-fixed price project to restore functionality of the sewer system to the residents of El Portal, and surrounding areas, as well as prevent raw sewage spills in the vicinity of the Merced River. The project is scheduled to be begin in August of 2018.

Design-Build Fire House Renovation, NAS-JRB
NAVFAC Southeast

ARS was awarded a sole source, firm fixed price contract by NAVFAC Southwest to renovate several fire stations throughout the Naval Air Station—Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. The main focus of the renovation project was to consolidate a new Crash Facility and Building 2 Fire Station into two buildings. Work included civil, structural, architectural, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and telecommunications upgrades and improvements. Construction also included the replacement of all windows to meet hurricane wind load requirements with emergency egress window systems and the replacement of the storefront system doors. AAC provided structural supports; replacement of the HVAC system, electrical system, distribution, and lighting systems; the removal and replacement of the plumbing and drainage systems; and the removal and replacement of interior finishes to accommodate new space requirements.

4th Floor Renovation, Building 700 Sacramento VA Medical Center,
Department of Veteran’s Affair

AAC is serving as prime on renovation project to include the complete demolition of the 4th Floor of the hospital, followed by a full remodel and rebuild of patient rooms. The design and implementation will be used as a prototype for future hospital renovations in VA hospitals throughout the country. AAC installed in-room patient lifts, new integrated head walls and all new medical support systems. Patient and family lounges were also newly constructed. Very high-end materials were specified and installed for the renovation.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade,
McEntire Joint National Guard Base, South Carolina

AAC was recently awarded this contract to upgrade the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) by the South Carolina Air National Guard’s McEntire Joint National Guard Base (McEntire JNGB). McEntire JNGB owns and operates a WWTP and collection system located within the boundaries of the military reservation to provide treatment of wastewater generated by base activities. This project is necessary to upgrade and improve the existing Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process and the sludge drying beds to address both the condition and capacity (sludge) of the WWTP. AAC will demolish and replace the existing SBR’s and add six additional drying beds. This project also includes the complete replacement of the WWTP’s mechanical equipment and controls.

Seismic Upgrade, Historic Boiler House Sacramento VA Medical Center, Department of Veteran’s Affair

AAC is a Subcontractor on this demolition and build back contract, providing contract management on the Seismic Upgrade to a historic building on the Sacramento VA Medical Center campus. Project included gutting existing boiler house, installing temporary boilers and the purchase and installation of 3 new boilers. Also included was the construction of a new generator building and small warehouse.

Replace Fire Station, New Aircraft Rescue and Fire Facility, Klamath Falls, OR
National Guard Bureau

AAC serves as the Prime Subcontractor for the construction of a Fire Station in Klamath Falls, Oregon. In addition to the 17,350 square foot building, the project also includes an interior mezzanine of approximately 1,400 additional square feet. The Fire Station includes administrative office space, training rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, laundry facilities, a kitchen, an equipment storage room, bunkrooms and a shared living area. Exterior spaces include an apparatus bay consisting of four drive-through bays at two vehicles deep. Project includes the following scopes of work:

  • Associated electrical power and lighting with emergency generator backup; water and wastewater systems; intrusion detection, access control systems; and data and communications systems
  • Underground utility extensions; an underground storm water detention system; concrete sidewalks, driveways and a bi-pass road.
  • Building ventilation includes a vehicle exhaust system at the apparatus bay
  • Fire Protection is provided by a wet pipe sprinkler system and fire alarm.
  • Site finishing includes soils, trees, plantings, and shrubbery.
  • Project is being built to meet US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification.

Utilidor Project, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
US Army Corps of Engineers

This civil construction sole source award will include site development inclusive of the utilidor and utiliduct distribution systems for water, sewer, steam and condensate. Project will also include the shut-down, abatement, demolition and replacement of utility services within an existing utilidor main. Currently in Pre-Construction phase, on-site work will begin in Spring 2018.

Environmental Services

USACE Savannah District: FBSB-86 Pesticide Remediation and Building Demolition
Former Pesticide Mixing and Storage Area, Fort Benning, GA

AAC has been awarded a sole-source contract from USACE Savannah District to address remaining DDT contamination in the soil for a site at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Historically, the project area was used by the Entomology Division of the DPW for mixing and storage of numerous pesticides and herbicides used across the entire infrastructure of Ft. Benning. In 1997, another contractor removed most of the contaminated soil around Building 267. Excavation activities could not be conducted near Building 267 because of concerns of collapsing. In 2004, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was approved by Georgia Environmental Protection Division stating when Building 267 is demolished, the contaminated soil around the building will be excavated and properly disposed offsite. Building 267 is now scheduled to be demolished, which will be accomplished in the first phase of this project.

AAC will completely delineate the area of excavation via Direct Push Technology borings at 3-foot horizontal spacing around the area previously delineated by USACE. Delineation results will define the extent of contamination before large diameter auger (LDA) activities. Based on the results of the delineation, AAC will design an excavation plan using a LDA to perform the excavation. All DDT-contaminated soil will be transported off-site for proper disposal. The LDA excavation will allow deep excavation (surface to 40 feet below surface) of pesticide impacted soil with minimal disruption to base operations. In addition, the LDA excavation prevents jobsite health and safety issues caused by open excavations, cave-ins, sloping, shoring, and removal/replacement of overburden.

First Division Road Landfill, Ft. Benning
US Army Corps of Engineers

The AAC team operates and maintains the First Division Road Landfill. The landfill operation consists of the monthly inspection and monitoring of the gas content at 39 gas vents on the landfill, adjusting the methane flow from the gas vents to ensure that methane does not migrate off-site. Our team conducts maintenance on the submersible pumps, pumps waste water (leachate) accumulated in the collection system, properly disposes of the waste water, operates and maintains the methane collection equipment, monitors/calibrates telemetry readings, inspects and adjusts over one mile of methane piping, and collects gas readings on the perimeter methane monitoring wells. This methane gas extraction system is equipped with above-ground adjustable pipe stanchions so the condensate pipes can be easily adjusted as the landfill subsides.

USACE Savannah District: Base-Wide Environmental Support Type Services (BEST) Task Order: Innovative Technology Implementation – High Pressure Injection

Due to the local difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions at this site in Bushnell, Florida, an innovative remedial approach using high pressure injection of bioaugmentation solutions was selected and implemented via 4-inch injection wells in limestone bedrock. Injection wells were installed as open boreholes with carbon steel casing using a sonic drill rig. After the first year of monitoring following the injections, groundwater showed a 50% net reduction in contaminant concentrations. As a result, a second round of injections was authorized and performed. Quarterly and semi-annual sampling is performed in order to gauge remedial progress.

IT Services

Department of Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs National MACC:  Upgrade Fire Alarm Systems

ARS Aleut Construction won this competitively awarded contract as a MACC Holder on the BIA’s National MACC. The project consists of Campus Wide Fire Alarm Upgrades to the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. Each building on the 164 acre campus will be serviced by this contract whereby the existing systems will be removed and replaced with upgraded fire alarm systems to include associated sensors, modules, devices, software, wiring, raceways, relays, control panels, dial out monitoring devices, networking capability, and off-site monitoring for a complete working system.

MOTCO – Expand Telecom Tidal East Area

AAC was awarded this $1.7M contract which will include excavation, trenching and boring for the construction of a high-speed telecommunication pathway consisting of underground fiber optic and copper cables. The new duct bank will provide a pathway for the telecommunications cabling between two buildings to support the new Access Control Point at the Military Ocean Terminal in Concord, CA.

Fiber Optics/LAN Upgrades – Barksdale Air Force Base

ARS Aleut Construction (AAC) was contracted to engineer, furnish, install and test new Cat-6 and FOC premise cabling in four buildings at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. This included furnishing all materials, labor, supplies, and equipment necessary for the installation of quad Cat-6 outlets and single drop locations to EMCS (Energy Management Control System), as well as wall access phones, plus access points. AAC relocated strand Fiber main feeds from old communications racks to new, as well as relocating strand Fiber feeds to secured and unsecured satellite locations. AAC also engineered, furnished and installed communication closet to service 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors, and included containment baskets, equipment racks, switches, patch panels, and wire managers (both horizontal and vertical). Once systems were 100% tested and user’s cutover, all redundant communication equipment and wiring (coax, analog, cat3 cat5, etc.) was removed. As built drawings were provided to the Civil Engineer Squadron, as well as the Communications Squadron Installation.